Wedding Planning

Are you dreaming to get married next to the crystal blue Aegean Sea or at a classy traditional temple in Athens? Visualize your deepest desires about your Wedding ceremony and your after-wedding celebrations in the way that your precious day will be filled with luxury, tenderness and once-in-a-lifetime quality moments. We are here to take care of your most unique demands and fulfil your dreamy desires. The Greek Islands are traditionally a famous destination in summer, especially for a special moment like a wedding or an anniversary. You have the privilege to enhance your Greek myth experience by planning a desirable Wedding, faithful to your class and your most elegant and unique requirements.

The cosmopolitan Mykonos, or the dreamy Santorini? The gothic Rhodes or the Mediterranean Crete? Everything is possible and adjusted to your unique personality. It could be either a big and outspoken event, or a private celebration at an isolated luxurious villa. The “Wish and Desire” exceptional group will give a special and affectionate notice at fulfilling your Wedding living fantasy. There isn’t anything more precious in the whole world than sharing your inner luxury, with love and compassion in the on-earth Eden, ocean blue Greece.

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  • Coordination and supervision of the event from morning till night.
  • Designing and planning the entire wedding concept in line with your personal style and budget.
  • Locating and securing a venue for your reception according to the area and the number of your guests.
  • Floral design and decoration of both the church and the reception area.
  • Preparation of invitations, wedding favors and special mementos of sugared almonds, impressively bagged for distribution to guests.
  • Excellent professional Video and Photography coverage of both the church service and the reception.
  • Securing musical coverage of the wedding (DJ, bands, live music…).
  • Special shows (fireworks, confetti, balloons, etc).
  • Suggestions and assistance in choosing the wedding dress.
  • Comprehensive, professional styling of the bride (bridal make up, hair style, facial and body care..).
  • Compiling your guest list.
  • Table arrangement and seating of guests.
  • Telephone confirmation of guests invited to the wedding.
  • Providing, addressing and mailing of “thank you” cards.
  • Special attention and help to guests from distant places (transportation, accommodation, etc).
  • Handling the wedding gift list, receiving and delivering the gifts.
  • Arranging dancing lessons.
  • Entertaining children with clowns and special happenings.
  • Rental of luxury cars.
  • Processing, overlooking, securing marriage licenses (certificates, wedding announcements in newspapers, visa paperwork, etc.).