Corporate Concierge

In the current developing multinational and multifunctioning business, concierge services are a must in your company’s agenda due to the increasing need of fulfilling a series of tasks and at the same time mastering your competitiveness. We are living and creating in the media era, so our business strategy should follow and adjust to the new technologies by finding new ways to communicate our thoughts and proposals. A precise to every detail schedule, that has open access to participants, the coordinator team and the clients, may promote your business plans and take your firm to the next step.

“Wish and Desire” is offering expert services that manage to do all this hard organization work precisely, professionally and with the best results. The concierge services we are offering could manage to eliminate your additional working stress, by taking full responsibility of the company’s events’ agenda. It’s already been a worldwide trend in the business world, but now it’s offered in the most effective, creative and magical way, as desired by the well-estimated business client.

In short terms, concierge services are aimed and well developed to enhance your firm’s social status, by organizing and head cooperating the social events pre-visualised in your agenda. Our well-educated and skilled team will be responsible and professional, close to your demanding purposes and will manage to top your prestigious social events in a short-time. Don’t undervalue the power of a highly executed social portfolio, that could renew the devotion and the inner motives of your working team.

Business Trips &
Incentive Travel Management Services

In today’s business world, business trips are rising as a must-do in your personal and your team’s lifetime agenda. During a business trip, you are enhancing your social and business status, you’re experiencing new challenges and you are expanding the territory of your possibilities and successes.


Living in the time of wide communication between the nations and the business from the one corner of the world to the other, Conferences are a developing field in the business world, due to the high interest of participating and expanding their market.


The first step to a successful professional is their training, where each business is sharing and inspiring their new recruits the principles and the aims of the business. During the trainings, the new business members are developing their skills and abilities, they are adjusting to the company’s goals and ideology and they are composing their personal working aims and desires.

Corporate Events & Meetings

We are familiar with your inner desire to share your quality time with your closer people or your partners and we are ready to fulfill that desire and take it to next level. As a professional concierge, we deeply support your family or personal company that is sharing the trip with you in Greece, as we see that your people, are an important part of your world.

Business Celebrations

Each company should support and recognize their team’s hard work, in order to maintain and renew the inner motives to work and produce, the creative and the loyalty to the firm’s path to success. We are living in a radically changing world and that affects and defines the international market. A high-class and competitive business should preserve and promote its working dynamic, by supporting its team.