About Us

“Wish & Desire” is a boutique luxury lifestyle management and concierge services company focusing on creating magical memories by providing exceptionally personalized luxurious services to it’s high end clients in the most discreet way.

“W&D” services range by organizing bespoke luxury travel services, custom tailored experiences, exclusive wedding and special events to corporate events, corporate concierge, incentive trips or simply by supporting with your day-to-day life and all other wishes and desires you may have making your life enjoyable and stress-free.

What would your heart desire?

A personalized lifetime experience, a private bespoke winery tour, a relaxing spa session, a tee time at private golf course, a perfect well organized escape for your loving people, a dream wedding, the sourcing of a rare or expensive piece of lifestyle category, a personal shopping, a dinner reservation at one of the top restaurants in the country, the decoration of your Christmas tree, your season dinner, a chauffeured limo tour, are just some of the services you can tap into.

W&D is your one stop for planning any luxury event, travel and amenity in the most seamlessly way!

“For us each request is unique and we put all of our passion, energy and love to make a difference and create unique experiences that feel on life with magic, make people happy and create amazing escapes from daily routine!
We take people to places they have never been before.
We show them beauty they have never seen before.
We make them feel the touch of care.
We Inspire them to spend time with the people who matter to them.
We are bringing people together.
We are starting stories.
We are touching lives.
We create moments, which will be the best memories of theirs lives.
We fill the world with wonder by delivering experiences!
Time flies, but you are the pilot.
Find your dream and let the magic to us!
“Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE”

Message from Anna
See the Magic