They say that after everything is done, what is left at the end is the written word. And since we didn’t want those special moments to pass right by us, we decided to keep our memories from all the moments we have lived with you, all these years. We thought that the best way to do that would be to have our clients themselves talk about their weddings, christenings and social functions we had staged for them! Of course, the sample here is only a small one from a great treasure. When we open it we draw optimism and strength to go on. Strength from the irreplaceable love of the people who entrusted with us the most valuable moments of their life, whose wonderful voyage we shared!
This is dedicated to the clients who became our friends, whose joy became our joy. A big thank you to all.
Anna Sargologou
“Anna my love, I can only say you made this mother very happy for eternity knowing my daughter had the best wedding memories. You, my dear became a member of our family and I am so honored to know you. Please always remember you have an Iraqi family who have their arms and heart open for you in hopes to repay you for your amazing heart. Anna, now that I’m back in Jordan and have the time to look at pictures and reflect, I think saying thank you is hardly the most appropriate word for you. As a mother of the bride, all I wanted from life is to see my only daughter happy on her wedding day, little I knew that you would single handed create a day from fairy tale books!!! I was speechless when I arrived to the venue, it was a Hollywood production! Starting from the seating arrangements, flower setting, food choices, drink menu, music and entertainment, fireworks down to the smallest details such as hair and makeup artist and photographers, all that and we are thousands of miles away from you. You have out did every wish the bride and groom wanted. Kisses my dearest Anna and hope to see you again soon”.
Ms. May
“Wish & Desire is truly the place where all your dreams, wishes, and desires come true, even the ones buried deep down that you thought could never come to life. And at the heart of this wonderful company is Anna. She is truly the soul that brings life to everything. Apart from being dedicated, professional, tasteful, and everything you could hope to find in a planner, she is above all, a team member, an ally, and your biggest supporter. From the first minute of talking to her, I knew Anna was going to be our planner. Her demeanor immediately made us feel that we were in capable hands. I can’t imagine any other planner going to the same lengths for another couple as the way Anna did for us. Our day was perfect, memorable, and truly everything I could have wished for, all made possible because of Anna and her incredible team. The highlight of our wedding will always be Anna, and our good fortune to have met such an incredible soul to join us on our most memorable experience.”
Miss you lots my dear Anna!
I hope we get to see you again sooner than later!!
Qais & Nadya
”Our wedding was carried out as we had dreamed it would… You guided us on time and perfectly well to that important day of our life. From the very moment we met you, we wanted to work with you and you charmed us with your simplicity, sincerity, respect, dignity, professionalism and your sweet smile! You were a significant and discreet presence in the course of our preparation. The entire incredible team of Wish and Desire made that day unforgettable! We were very lucky to have you. We are thankful for that wonderful fairy tale.”
Tassos & Ismini
“It ‘s apparent that your work expressed our feelings, our association was faultless and our Synagogue was so wonderful! I would like to wish you to stay true human brings and sensitive individuals. Your sensitivity shows through your wonderful work. You can be sure we will recommend you to everyone! Many, many thanks!”
“The result of our collaboration was exactly as we, all four families, had expected. It’s very important that you respected our wishes and our taste. Our Synagogue was very beautiful because of you! We are always happy to work with you!”
“The most important thing is to choose to work with people who understand you and make you feel secure. With you dear Anna, I felt exactly that way. I knew that you could transform my desire to something special. And you did. I don’t know if words are adequate to describe to you how I felt when a got to the church and the reception area and saw that my dreams had become reality. I lived a fairy tale and it was magic! Please Anna continue to make wonderful memories for u!!”
Lots of kisses
Nikos & Paraskevi
“Anna dearest, you helped us to organize a dreamy wedding and win a very good friend in you. We thank you for the wonderful moments you helped us experience, for our excellent wedding party that everyone remembers, and would like you to be with us in everything that will follow.”

Nassos & Evi

“Everything was perfect… When you called me on the phone I could hear the “I’m preparing a trip only for you” and indeed you prepared the most beautiful and special trip of our wedding!!!”
Andreas & Antonia
“We thank you VERY MUCH that you achieved the unachievable (at least for us), to organize wonderfully a wedding and a christening in the rain!!!”
Tatiana & Socratis